Gene Pelliccia:

I’m a Gen Xer with a passion for learning and writing. I’m employed as a senior program manager at an IT company which means I spend my days between meetings and sitting in front of three computer monitors helping to manage technology projects. While I’m grateful for my career, I count my life as so much more than what my occupation happens to be. Since leaving home for the U.S. Air Force many years ago, I’ve lived in and traveled to more than a few different places and held multiple jobs/titles along the way. My wife and I like to say that we’ve lived several ‘lifetimes’ in our almost 17 years of marriage and through each phase of life I’ve learned lessons and hopefully grown wiser through my experiences.

I identify myself first and foremost as a Christian and my faith informs many of the posts I write. That said, my mind and heart remain open to listening to different opinions and new ideas as I’ve found that we can sometimes allow the fear of what others think to limit our orbit and prejudice our views. I’m married to an amazing and beautiful lady who is my best friend in the world. The day I married her I hit life’s jackpot.

My wife and I now live in Puyallup, Washington with our two young sons and all of their stuff.. Please feel free to email me at genepelliccia@daystarcafe.com. Thank you so much for reading.

Katie Pelliccia:

Coming soon.